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Psychotherapy involves the Psychotherapist working with the Patient in safe, comfortable conditions, without third parties. The aim of individual psychotherapy is to improve the patient's well-being and help the patient solve emotional, relational and behavioral problems, and thus change his life for the better.

Psychotherapy is a process that requires commitment and time, which is why it is so important to choose a psychotherapist with whom the patient feels comfortable and safe enough to talk about his or her difficult experiences. During therapy, the Patient may experience difficult emotions and thoughts, but the Therapist helps him go through this process and supports him in his development and independent decision-making. However, it does not give specific advice, does not instruct, and does not indicate ready-made solutions.

As a result of psychotherapy, the patient's self-awareness increases, the quality of his relationships with others improves and the ability to cope with difficult situations increases.

When coming to psychotherapy, the patient does not have to know what to name his problems. It is enough that he feels that something in his life is disturbing, causing discouragement or suffering. Psychotherapy is intended to help the patient name his problems and face them.


PSYCHOTHERAPY IN ENGLISH – how long does it take


Individual psychotherapy is both a short-term and long-term process. Depending on the purpose of the work, but also on the field in which a given psychotherapist works, psychotherapy may last from several meetings to several years. Meetings are usually held once a week at a fixed time, always with the same Therapist, and last 50 minutes. The selection of the appropriate form of treatment is suggested by the Therapist, based on the needs and capabilities of the Patient, but it is worth emphasizing that long-term therapy allows for a deeper analysis and building a good therapeutic relationship that directly influences change, so it will certainly be a better choice for personality disorders.



Psychotherapy can take place on-site or online in many different directions. It is important that the Patient chooses the Therapist's way of working that will fit his needs and goals. It is often difficult for the patient to decide on his own, so it is worth asking for advice from a given clinic.

The patient has at his disposal:

- psychodynamic trend

- cognitive-behavioral trend

- humanistic trend

- integration trend

- systemic trend

- body work

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